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Rasterstereography Based Partial Face Recognition.


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sir wasim

The author of this web site is presently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Usman Institute of Technology (Hamdard University), Karachi, Pakistan.

He is currently enrolled in PhD (Information Technology). His area of research is Image Processing and the title of thesis is “A Security System Employing Edge-Based Rasterstereography”.

He has more than 19 years of teaching and research experience in the field of Security Technologies, Digital Image Processing and Bio-Physics. He has specialization in implementing Moiré Fringe Topography and Rasterstereography Techniques in recognition and Security Technologies.

His research work has appeared in well reputed academic journals, he has four journal publications and two conference papers in his account.  He is also an author of a book titled “Rasterstereography Based Partial Face Recognition – A Novel Technique can be used as Identification-Based Security System”, which is published in Germany in August 2014. He is now working on his upcoming book titled “Anthroimaging – Imaging Challenges of the Third Millennium” for Springer.

He previously hold the degrees of MS  (Mobile Computing  &  Information Systems) in 2006 with first class first position (Gold  Medalist), M. Phil  (Bio-Physics) from  the University of Karachi,  MCS  in  2002  from Hamdard University  with first division, M.Sc (Electronics) in  1994  from the  University  of  Karachi  with  first division.


  • He is life time member of “Pakistan Association of Scientist and Scientific Professions”.
  • He is an author of a book titled “Rasterstereography Based Partial Face Recognition”, published in Germany in 2014.
  • He is Gold Medalist in MS (Mobile Computing & Information Systems).
  • He was also awarded Gold Medal in Celia Cricket Tournament as an All-Rounder, given by Asian Bradman Zaheer Abbas & Former Test Cricketer Moin Khan, organized by University of Karachi.

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